KRAFAB provides a versatile solution to EMI shielding by offering form-in-place gasketing (FIP).  We are fully equipped to provide electrically conductive gaskets accurately located on a variety of shield materials. The many benefits of our FIP gaskets include:

  • Minimal waste of material
  • Custom prototyping
  • Efficiently and accurately applied on complex substrates
  • Wide assortment of materials may be selected
  • Lead time process is extremely fast

Form-in-Place Gaskets have been used for industrial sealing applications to replace typical molded or cut gaskets for decades. The need for FIP to seal and protect electronic devices from EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) or RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) lead to dispensed gaskets utilizing an elastomer filled with electrically conductive particles. KRAFAB offers a variety of elastomers that provide compliant, resilient seals with conductive particles that deliver advanced shielding performance.

Many electronic devices are subjected to a variety of environmental conditions. KRAFABS’ form-in-gasket service is designed to protect electronic devices from harsh environmental elements and EMI/RFI interference. Our form-in-place gasket is completed using automated equipment, ensuring that we will match the exact requirements of your assemblies.

Placement of the gasket is done by multiple axis robotic dispensing driven by a CAD darwings of the part. The CNC controlled movement of the KRAFAB dispensing equipment accurately places the gasket material on the substrate. The dispensed bead is thixotropic and will hold a predictable shape in the Z axis known as the profile. There are several combinations of elastomers and particles that provide a range of desired properties including compression force, deflection range, electrical conductivity, shielding effectiveness, galvanic corrosion resistance, adhesion and cure options. A technical representative from KRAFAB will work with you to find the best possible combination for your design.

Through this process, small seals can be accurately placed in complex patterns to meet the increasing demands of electronic enclosure designs. This process also allows minimal setup and rapid prototyping and scale up to high volume production. Design revisions can be easily implemented if necessary.

There are numerous possibilities of EMI Shielding using KRAFAB’s FIP. Our innovative machines are pinpoint accurate enabling us to dispense elastomers on even the smallest designs. Our robotic dispensing system will precisely place an electrically conductive elastomer on contours. Our Form-In-Place gasket service offers fast, low to high volume solution to EMI shielding. Featuring complex chamber shielding and z-change gaskets that is superior to other shielding solutions. Tell us what you need, when you need it and we will make it happen. Contact KRAFAB for more information.